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 At Phx Pro Connect, we pride ourselves on operating with the highest level of transparency and efficiency.


Our goal is to help expedite your company objectives and provide the highest level of quality resource speed to market.  We have incorporated a portal where you can browse existing candidate profiles and can set up an instant interview via the link assigned. Keep in mind that the availability of some of the professionals found herein may have changed due to high demand. 

Terms of use: You will have an opportunity to browse the portal and choose the professionals that best fit the roles or projects you are looking to fill.  Before accepting an interview, we will send you a fee schedule or fee agreement for you to review.  Once you have accepted the fee terms and conditions, we can immediately schedule the first interviews and follow the standard process all the way through onboarding. 

Typical fee schedule :

Keep in mind we have flexible solutions and will customize our fee schedules and fee arrangments based on your specific needs. 

  • Mid to Senior Experience Level roles are typically 25% with a 90-day guarantee 

For immediate help, please contact us via email, phone, or schedule a meeting using the link below:


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